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We started back in 2018 with small brands and locations and have since grown, attracting 500 visitors at our first event and over 1,000 visitors at our latest event. For the events ahead of us, we are planning for even larger crowds and are expecting each brand to bring around 50 to 100 people, if not more. Our events are filled with exciting activities and attractions that are sure to delight visitors. We are proud to offer a breakdance battle/cypher, graffiti projects from well-known artists, food trucks with local specialties, and much more. Best of all, admission is free for all visitors.


Our goal is to promote local and sustainable fashion.

At our events, streetwear fashion labels, sustainable textile producers and street artists from all over Europe come together and have the opportunity to network, exhibit and sell their products and art.

Our focus is on the exchange of ideas, creativity and the promotion of sustainable fashion.


We believe that fashion is more than just clothes: it can be an expression of individuality, a means to make political or social statements, or simply fun. That’s why we support independent designers and artists who want to stand out from the crowd. Fashion should be liberating – from the conventions of the established fashion world as well as from the commercialization constraints of big industry.

Streetbazar offers a platform for creative minds who want to prove themselves in the fashion world. We believe that local designers and artists deserve to be on a bigger stage. We are proud to offer them this platform to share their creations with the world.




At every event you have the opportunity to make new contacts! At Streetbazar we offer you a unique place where B2B and B2C networking feels natural.

Let yourself be inspired

At Streetbazar we don’t believe in competition, we believe in inspiration! Roam the aisles and be inspired by the designs, the colours, the fabrics and the artists!

Conquer new markets

Every Streetbazar event is a new opportunity to attract new customers in new markets! Increase the value of your brand by securing your place at Streetbazar!

Food & Drinks

Networking on an empty stomach? No matter in which city we are, at every event there are food trucks with specialities to satisfy your hunger and thirst.


For reasons of data protection, we cannot say which brands will be participating and which will not. We collect all the registrations and create a portfolio of brands so that the event offers something to as many visitors as possible.
As soon as we have enough registrations, so that the realisation is guaranteed, we will publish the line-up of the brands.
After your registration we will contact you to discuss the design of your booth. Then we will start with the marketing and will place ads (also with your brand) and will gradually introduce all brands on Instagram.
at StreetBazar

we do modern fashion business the old fashioned way

Fabijan Filipovic

CEO / Co-Founder

Orlando Kahanek

COO / Co-Founder